Frequently asked questions

Hopefully the answers to your questions are here.  We find these to be the most frequently asked questions.  If you don't see your question, or need additional information, please contact us by phone or email (see the Contact Us page)
  1. Why are your prices less than other local lodging facilities on the Macal River and nearby areas?
    1) Our goal is to create a self-sustainable living, not to make lots of money. 2) We don't have the overhead of maintaining a resort. 3) Our tax rate is lower due to us only being a lodging business and nothing more. 4) We don't charge guests any gratuity - many resorts do.
  2. Do you recommend renting a car?
    It depends..... if you are adventurous, you can save some money by driving yourself to most of the tour locations, pack a lunch, and hire guides right on site. You will also have more opportunity to try things off the beaten path (We've got a list that would last a month!)
  3. Is there anything we can do within walking distance?
    Absolutely! And some are FREE! The Showers waterfall, explore our Maya Mound, horseback riding, Yoga, Dining, Grocery Stores, Birding, Churches (x5), The Macal River (swimming, kayaking, tubing) and more!
  4. What if we don't rent a car?
    We can provide ground transportation throughout most of Belize. Other options are: the village shuttle & bus to/from Cristo Rey/San Ignacio; some tour companies will pick-up and drop-off at our lodge; take a taxi from the airport to the bus station, a bus to SI & the shuttle from there to us.
  5. Is it safe?
    A definite yes! Cristo Rey Village is virtually crime-free. As in all cases, some level of vigilance is necessary, especially on tours, in markets, etc. But there's definitely less of a security issue here than in any major metropolitan area in the U.S. or other countries.
  6. What's the wildlife like?
    We have an abundance of wildlife on and near the property - including howler monkeys, toucans, parrots, agoutis, and so much more! Yes, there are snakes & spiders too, but if you avoid the areas they like to hide out, you'll be fine - and most are not venomous.
  7. Are there lots of bugs & mosquitos?
    Where we are, there really aren't a lot of bugs or mosquitos, but we recommend packing bug spray, and bring some anti-itch cream, just in case. We do have bats & geckos that take care of most of the bugs & mosquitos.
  8. What should we pack?
    Definitely pack a hat & sunglasses. Suncreen & bug spray is also recommended. Other than that, shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, etc... There aren't many fancy places to go here, so dress-up clothes aren't needed.
  9. Can you help us find things to do?
    Absolutely! We will be happy to tell you all about the wonderful sites of Belize. If you'd like information in advance of your stay, just email or call us for additional information. There's no charge!
  10. Is smoking allowed?
    We are a non-smoking property for many reasons. First, the casita is made of wood. Second, Cheryl is very sensitive to smoke. Third, even days after a smoker leaves - the odor remains, and we have guests checking in hours after the previous guests leave. So no, smoking is not allowed.
  11. Can I leave early or extend my stay?
    Leaving early is subject to our cancellation policy. Please refer to that on the Reservations page. We'd love to extend your stay based on availability.
  12. Is there anything we can bring for the community?
    We have partnered with the "Pack for a Purpose" organization. We collect donated items for our local school. We also support C.A.W.S. a local animal welfare organization.
  13. Still have questions?
    Click on this download icon to access our Welcome booklet that has tons more information about us & Belize.